Care & Maintenance

Keep your helmet performing and looking like new.


Keep your helmet performing and looking like new.

Your new SMK Helmet is designed and built to give you many years of  safety and style. Properly caring for and maintaining your helmet will maximize its lifespan and ensure you are fully covered by the SMK warranty.


  • In case of accident, the helmet represents a protective element, which reduces injuries and head damage. This notwithstanding, it cannot alone prevent serious and/or fatal injuries due to the specific accident dynamics, therefore drive carefully.
  • When driving any motorcycle, always wear the helmet properly fastened in order to fully exploit its protection.
  • Never wear scarves under the fastening system nor caps of any sort under the helmet.
  • The helmet can muffle traffic noises. However make sure that you can hear essential sounds such as horns and emergency vehicle sirens.
  • Always keep the helmet away from heat sources like the exhaust muffler, the bag seat or the interior of a vehicle.
  • Do not modify nor damage the helmet or part of it for whatsoever reason. Use only original accessories and/or spare parts suitable for your specific helmet model.
  • Damage resulting from accidental fall may not be visible; helmets, which received violent impacts, are to be replaced.
  • In case of doubt about the helmet integrity and safety, avoid using it and contact an authorized dealer to let it check.


  • Please ensure that your helmet outer shell does not come in contact with any petroleum/gasoline product.
  • Do not hang your helmet on the mirror/handle bar of the two-wheeler.
  • Do not repaint your helmet. repainting of helmet can reduce impact absorption capacity.
  • Do not use dark/tinted visors in poor visibility conditions.
  • Do not modify your helmet by drilling holes in the outer shell.
  • Do not replace/remove any of the original parts of your helmet.


  • Use only lukewarm water and mild soap to safely clean your helmet and visor, and then let it dry at room temperature away from direct sunlight and/or heat sources. Soiled areas can be gently cleaned using a soft toothbrush or a cotton swab and soap water.
  • Helmet and visor can be seriously damaged by some common cleaning solutions without the damage being visible
  • Do not paint or apply stickers or any solvents to this helmet as it may irreparably damage the helmet, modify optical properties, reduce mechanical protection or weaken the visor protective treatment
  • Visors with the marking indicating “daytime use only” are not suitable for use in the dark or in conditions of poor visibility

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