Our Founders

SMK Helmets are produced by a family-run business where the promoters have been passionately & proudly leading the company for the last 50 years.

Mr. Madhu Bhushan Khurana (MBK), one of the co- founders of the company started manufacturing helmets in 1972. His experience as a test rider along with his educational background as an aeronautical engineer helped him design and develop helmets that provided exceptional safety, superior designs and excellent comfort. His wife, Mrs. Chand Khurana, also one of the co-founders brought expertise in textiles to the company and has been instrumental in developing one of the most comfortable inner linings for the helmets. The couple was joined in 1999 by their son, Mr. Sidharth Bhushan Khurana (SBK) who also shares the same passion and commitment to quality, design and safety of helmets. Between the three them, they bring a combined and unparalleled 100 years of helmet manufacturing experience.

Mr. Sidhartha Bhushan Khurana, is also an aeronautical engineer by education, and he finds that his technical background helps him continue to refine the design and safety elements of the products being manufactured, while also optimizing the manufacturing process which allows the company to produce exceptional products while keeping the cost attractive for the consumers.

MBK and SBK both are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Their passion for excellence led them to building the largest helmet company in the world which boasts of multiple inhouse laboratories (equipped to test helmets to all global standards) and unparalleled backward integrated manufacturing facilities. In addition, they both believe that the user experience goes beyond helmets and therefore are obsessed with not only the quality of products being produced, but also with the user experience including consumers interactions with the company.

Helmet manufacturing is as much of an art as it is science,
which the father son duo are masters of.

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