SMK Story

Celebrating 50 years -
passion, pride & determination.


Started in 1972 out of a small garage in India by young brothers who enjoyed riding.
Lack of helmets at a motorcycle rally - borne an idea which led to what is today world's largest helmet manufacturer.
The first helmet was made in a garage of a family home - the paint on the helmet was dried in the oven that was a recent wedding gift, the internal lining was shaped and hand stitched by the newest member of the family – the then new bride and now one of the promoters. Production grew slowly but surely, and demand for helmets grew.


Then in 1979 as the factory was seeing massive growths domestically and internationally, a setback happened. The factory was burnt down to the ground due to an electrical short circuit. What remained was grit, courage, passion and the goodwill of employees, suppliers and buyers.

The family started again…and this time with even more determination.


The next phase of growth started in 1983 when wearing helmets became mandatory in India and our brand became a household name.


It was finally time for the next generation of the family to join and they did so with passion and pride, and dreams to take the brand global. New manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest technologies were set up, new markets and relationships started to be developed and new lofty goals were established.


A new premium line of helmets was launched - SMK Helmets, and it was grounded in the same principles of quality, excellence and innovation that the company had come to be known for. SMK Helmets sought to celebrate the uniqueness of its riders….#smkisyou was born!


The passion and grit of the family and its employees has led to this success and SMK helmets are now being sold in more than 50 countries across the world.
And we are just getting started…

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