Everything about Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are not just lifesaving accessories; they solve a lot of different purposes and in modern times they have been elevated to the status of being a lifestyle choice! So, irrespective of whether you are in the market to buy your first helmet, or to replace an old one, here is everything you need to know about two-wheeler helmets.

Types of helmets

The most fundamental thing that you need to know before purchasing branded helmets is that there are different types available in the market. You may have already seen full-face helmets that are ubiquitous and omnipresent around the globe! They also enjoy the perception of being the safest motorcycle helmet simply because of the fact that they provide comprehensive coverage to the head, face as well as the chin section.

However, safety is a parameter that is decided by certifications and the other types of helmets such as open-face helmet (three-quarters helmet) & modular helmets are all equally safe as long as they have been certified and tested rigorously for different riding conditions and potential hazardous situations that a two-wheeler rider may face while riding. Invest in a helmet that closely matches your expectations and lifestyle choices.

For example, if you intend to primarily do urban commuting a modular helmet or an open-face helmet might be your best choice, however for long distance cruises riders usually prefer a full-face helmet. For writing during the summers, or in hot tropical conditions good air ventilation is an essential necessity in the helmet that is most effectively provided by an open face helmet, but even full-face helmets with dynamic air ventilation systems should solve the purpose equally well.

Safety Features & Certifications

The safety of a helmet is ascertained by certification authorities in every country. In the European Union, motorcycle helmet safety is checked and mandated by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) And not America safety ascertain by the Department of Transportation (DOT) which regulates the usage of material, implementation of latest safety parameters, adherence to rigorous testing protocols among other things which ensure that the buyer gets the best product which will not only stand the test of time but also keep the rider safe in the event of a mishap.

In certain markets there might be under safety certification authorities such as Snell or SHARP However these are niche certifications that are required in special circumstances such as racing. In most cases, ECE certification is applicable across 50 countries of the European Union and that is what you should focus on while purchasing a branded helmet.

Comfort Features

In order to be able to use the helmet for long durations, the comfort features of the helmet are crucial and you must look into them while purchasing a brand-new helmet. The most fundamental of comfort features are and hypoallergenic inner lining and padding that prevents the risk of allergic infections, dynamic air ventilation system to keep you cool in warm conditions, good fit and finish, and an easy-to-use strapping mechanism that makes it convenient to wear or take off the helmet easily.

While purchasing the helmet make sure that you are getting the size right. Doing this is easy, all you need is a tailor’s tape to measure the circumference of your forehead a little above the eyebrows in both inches in millimeters. Tally the measurement with the manufacturer chart to get the closest fit. Remember, a loose-fitting helmet might fly off on impact and also create discomfort on the highway against strong windy conditions.


And last but not the least, maker buying decision based on the design of helmet as well. Since model helmets are considered as lifestyle choices, you need to look into design start matches your lifestyle preferences and compliments the two-wheeler you ride. A generally accepted advice regarding safety is that helmets should be of bright color that are easy to spot even in dark conditions but at the end of the day the color, decal and designs after helmet depends on your personal preferences.

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