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Ensuring safety while riding a motorcycle is not just a one-time process, it is a continuous process that expects you to be on your toes at all times. Even a slight mistake in ensuring safety can result in catastrophic accident, which is something that you do not want! due to regular usage, motorcycle parts as well as riding safety gears can become worn and dilapidated, and therefore, to maximize safety on the road, here 5 things that you need to change right now.

1. Replace old riding gears

how long have you been using the same riding safety for several years now? Most modern branded motorcycle helmets are rated to last you as long as 5 to 7 years with proper maintenance and care, however in most cases that is not possible because we do not have the time to care & maintain the helmet. If you observe visible cracks and marks of aging on the helmet, or if you have dropped the helmet quite a few times in the last few years, it might be time to replace it with a brand-new premium helmet. While purchasing a new helmet, make sure that you are getting the latest safety and comfort features, as well as the relevant safety certifications that are applicable in your country. For example, if you are purchasing a helmet for riding the United States, check for the DOT certification, and the ECE certification for riding in the European Union.

2. Change the old visors

Motorcycle visors are made with polycarbonate materials which are assistant to scratch up to a certain extent, however, if you have been using the helmet for several years command use high chance of scratches becoming embedded in the visor. If that is the case, there’s nothing to worry, because you can easily replace a motorcycle visor by visiting a motorcycle accessories shop near you. You can also get replacement motorcycle visors online, and the process of replacing it is quite simple and something that you can do easily at home without consulting an expert. Does your motorcycle have dual visors? While riding in the dark, we strongly recommend using a helmet with a clear visor that makes it easy to spot things on the road even when it is dark. For bright sunny conditions, you need a tinted visor that keeps the eyes protected against bright glare of the sun. The simplest way to ensure both is to invest and dual visor branded helmet that has both a tinted visor as well as a clear visor for all riding conditions.

3. Change bald tires

No matter how big or small the motorcycle is, it is always connected to the road via two tiny patches of rubber! So, in order to ensure that the motorcycle never loses traction on the surface of the road, you need tires that have well defined treads on it. If you have been using the same set of motorcycle tires for the last 10,000kms, there is a very good chance that the treads on the tires have become completely worn out and the surface has become bald. Replace it with a brand-new set of motorcycle tires, and check the weather conditions that you anticipate riding in. For example, there are tires that are specifically designed to provide better traction on wet and snowy surfaces. If you intend to ride the motorcycle on muddy and unpaved surfaces, there are tires for those conditions as well. If you do not know what tires to put on your motorcycle, speak to somebody who has an adequate experience with riding in different conditions, or consult a tire expert in your locality.

4. Change the old brake pads

One of the most common reasons for accidents involving two-wheelers is the failure to brake properly. And reason behind that is worn-out brake pads. If you have been observing a drop in the breaking performance, it might be because of old brake pads, and you need to replace it immediately. Modern motorcycles also have a hydraulic system of engaging the brakes, and that needs hydraulic levels to be in proper order. Check for the hydraulic levels and have it refilled regularly during predetermined service periods.

5. Replace the motorcycle

Last but not the least, your motorcycle maybe aging as well. If you have been riding the same motorcycle for several decades now, the mechanical parts inside may have worn out beyond repair, and the best way to ensure safety on the road is to have a brand-new motorcycle rather than trying to repair the old one repeatedly. Go for the latest rider safety technologies such as ABS braking system, riding modes for wet and snowy road conditions and other state-of-the-art assistive features.

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