Riding Safety Gear Buying Guide

The world is most beautiful to explore a motorcycle! While you can also try other modes of transportation, nothing beats a motorcycle when it comes to frugality and ease of usage. If you do not own a motorcycle, you can easily rent one and return it back when you are done! But irrespective of whether you own a motorcycle or rent it out, you are going to need top-quality riding safety gears in order to stay safe, as well as to abide by the local laws and regulations. Here is everything you need to know about purchasing motorcycle riding safety gears within your budget.

Set a budget:

Begin with setting a budget for the complete set of riding safety gears that you plan to purchase. This helps you prioritize things that you need, and eliminate unnecessary features that you might not ever use. Modern motorcycle helmets and premium helmets made by the top manufacturers around the world come with top after line safety features along with a lot of creature comforts bell and whistles that might be completely redundant given your style of riding. A good quality branded motorcycle and two-wheeler helmet should be at the top of your list of things to get, along with gloves, boots, goggles and riding jackets after helmets and in that order. If you get all of the riding gears, and go with reputed brands, it will cost you somewhere around 30,000 PHP, or more depending on your choices.

Get the sizes right

All of your investment will go to waste if you do not get the sizes right. Helmets as well as other safety gears are made according to standard sizes which not which might not be a 100% perfect fit for your size, but it will be very close. However, if you do not get the size right, the gears might fit very loosely, and fly off on impact in the event of an accident! The most effective way to ensure that you are getting the size right is to use a tailor’s tape and measure the circumference of your forehead for helmets, the circumference of your wrist and the length off the hand (from the tip of the finger to the base of the wrist) to get the size right for gloves, and the feet size right for getting the proper size off riding boots that will fit you best. If you don’t know the sizes, or you do not have a tailor’s tape with you, don’t worry just head straight to a Motorcycle accessory shop near you and they will help you out!

Check out all the options

Do not limit yourself to just one or two options that you know of, keep an open mind and checkout all the different options that are available in the market. When you do a comparison of all the features of all the options in front of you, you get better at making the right decision and getting the most value out of your investment. It might be do it might be a good idea to do a basic research of all the available manufacturers and brands in the market before stepping into a store so that you can ask specifically for those brands and get a first-hand experience for the quality and safety features of the products for yourself.

Go for the latest features

Do not make the mistake of spending money on old models and products. Always go with the latest features and models that are available in the market because these come with top of the line and the latest end motorcycling safety which gives you an overall better chance of staying protected in a mishap. Some of the features that we strongly recommend for you to have in the motorcycle helmet is a quick release trap mechanism, dual visors, pin lock antifogging technology, ABS hard shell (ideally with dual or triple shell protection) and removable & washable inner lining and padding.

Don’t ignore the certifications

Finally, check the certifications of the safety gears and ensure that they adhere to the relevant safety stipulations put in place by authorities in your country. The market is inundated with cheap Chinese options and alternatives, which may not have the proper safety certifications so even if they’re cheaper than top quality branded products, you should not be investing in those options.

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